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Balashov Denis PR agency - we create a reputation that brings money and respect for our customers
What are we doing?
Denis Balashov PR agency
We are a progressive PR agency that provides services in the field of business and political PR. The Balashov Denis PR agency also implements communication projects using other branding tools. We provide PR consulting services, we ensure the implementation of special projects.
Direct advertising
  • advertising in the Internet
  • advertising on TV
  • advertising on all types of media
Special events organization
  • official events organization
  • entertainment events organization
  • concert organization
  • promotional events organization
Development and implementation of a promotion strategy
  • PR
  • direct advertising
  • promotion in the web
  • informal communication
  • marketing research
  • sociological research
satisfied customers working with our agency
average number of consultations per month
successful events organized by our agency
Why us?
Denis Balashov PR studio clients are progressive and rapidly developing companies interested in successfully entering the market.
All the specialists of Denis Balashov studio have a lot of practical experience.
Personal approach
Individual work with each client allows you to solve even the most complex problems.
The work of our specialists gives a result that is noticeable from the first month of working.
Denis Balashov PR agency

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